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Task Cameos Needed! [Writers, Artists Welcome!] by thebigbadbasenji
Task Cameos Needed! [Writers, Artists Welcome!]
Literally just recycling this post so I don't have to make a new one lmao

I'm definitely doing this, and I'm going to go big. I need a good few cameos as coverage before I start writing up certain parts of the script. IT WILL BE A FLASH! I like doing Flashes for big things, and since I have three whole months to do one, I'm going for it.

I got a thick 15 point list of what I’m going to do for the Cactus Fields Tasks and I’ll probably definitely need some people who would like to cameo. Gonna reuse the coding [and some UI assets] from the Flash that I recently made, which will make this all WAY EASIER to do.

I guess this’ll hit into spoiler territory, so I’ll list the non-spoilery bits here and direct the spoiler ones to the Tumblr post. Cryptic Chemists and Tragic Affairs will both be participating. Specifics on who and what they’ll participate in will be listed below.

I'll be doing: General Task 1 and 2, Merit Bonus Task, Hunters Task 1, and Researchers Task 2. I'll need a very important Explorers cameo too that somewhat coincides with Explorers Task 1.

General Task 1: Mitya and Othello help Sherman out with BBQ’ing. Izolda assists Mitya, as opposed to Othello, with the gathering of ingredients and watching the station every so often. I need a few team members who will be late-night cooking– and might help out Mitya and/or Othello [mostly Othello] with it.

General Task 2: Mitya ends up not sleeping the night, as he has difficulty sleeping outside of his tank. He ends up assisting those patrolling the premises with the help of his trusty DIY Handbook. I need a few team members who will be taking a night shift patrolling [or assisting patrollers], as Mitya is going to be aiding patrollers. This will occur right after the Cookout. 

Hunters Task 1: Othello takes on Reuben’s task and tries to sneak his way into the Thirsty Caturne. He will push his way through whatever may try to stop him (both Hunters and staff alike). I need a few Hunters teams and/or team members who will catch Othello in the act of going up to Sol’s suite to sabotage and either get knocked out or persuaded that he is actually going over there for some lie– either room service, wanting to apply to the Researcher’s Guild, or warning Sol himself about what might go down that night.

"Explorers Task 1" and "Researchers Task 2" both sit within spoiler territory.

Larger cameos– like Hunters Task 1, Explorers Task 1, and General Task 2– will require at least one speaking cameo. For the other tasks mentioned [sans Explorers Task 1], some cameos will just be background ones.

All I need is a link to your team and the Task they’ll be doing. A list of the participating members’ personalities would be perfect too. For ones with talking roles, we can do a mini-RP for those roles [most-likely either through Google Drive or notes on dA] or you can tell me what they’ll say in that situation. I would strongly prefer the latter, though.

I will hold a priority for spoken cameos: writers with visual character references will be top priority, whereas writers without or artists will be lower priority. For background cameos, anyone with a visual reference of a character will do. If you need a visual character reference for your team, I hold commissions! Cactus Fields Task Special: No charge on worn items or extra team members. The only requirement is a PMD Unity written/visual application! This deal will only last until November 15th.

If I choose your team, I’ll list it in the above-mentioned Tumblr post, and you can cameo my team as well, if you wish [so long as the members are actually present]!

[EDIT]: I guess I forgot some due dates. Welp, hahahaha. Speaking cameos are a big part of this, so I'll need those by the end of September (I'll probably select the most important ones by early or mid-September, since I have a lot of writing to do). Background cameos I'll take until the end of October, as I'll be working on the backgrounds second to last. Cameo spots are going to be chosen from the lot by hand, so late pitchers can still go up to bat and strike a home run. It's not first come, first serve. Basically, I'll be choosing who would fit the scene better [since I'm using Maya for a "scale model" of the Thirsty Cacturne, small objects may not show up well], or who would make an interesting pair-up with my own characters. Limit one team cameo per person. (A list of them is OK, though.)

**EDIT 2: More detailed outline on what I need as per speaking and background cameos are listed here!**

Spoken Cameos:

  1. Offering Mitya a drink:
    1. [Open]
  2. Handing Mitya a menu:
    1. [Open]
  3. Helping Othello cook:
    1. [Reserved]
  4. Telling stories at the campfire:
    1. [Open]
    2. [Open]
  5. Getting trap-lying assistance from Mitya:
    1. [Reserved]
  6. Arresting a criminal Mitya dealt with:
    1. [Reserved]
  7. Trying to stop Othello from going to the suite:
    1. [Reserved]
    2. [Reserved]
  8. Questioning Iz while he leaves camp:
    1. [Reserved]
  9. Rescuing Othello from the desert:
    1. [Reserved]
  10. Sharing their feelings on making alcohol:
    1. [Open]

Background Cameos:

  1. [Reserved]
  2. [Reserved]
  3. [Reserved]
  4. [Reserved]
  5. [Open]
  6. [Open]
  7. [Open]
  8. [Open]
  9. [Open]

Note: Before starting on your commission, all payments should be made in full through PayPal via this email: Make sure to select "No address needed"! You will need to pay tax on most products [which will cover the PayPal transaction fees]; that can be calculated at!

Commissions Queue

I: [Open]
II: [Open]

Waiting List


Previous Clients

I: ridollstix
II: xfoxflamex 
III: InlineMantine

Target What I won't draw:
  • Complex architecture;
  • Cars and other vehicles;
  • Complex machinery;
  • Content incapable of being uploaded to dA (this includes adult content);
  • Most fetishes that can be uploaded to dA (pm me for more details);
  • Hateful imagery (basically, anything discriminatory)
Pencil What I will draw:
  • Anything within the kingdom Animalia (humans included);
  • Other organisms in other kingdoms, too (like Fungi, for example);
  • Fantasy creatures (both humanoid and bestial);
  • Anthropomorphic creatures;
  • Animal/organism hybrids;
  • Virtually any body type (within reason!);
  • Characters from most fandoms (both OCs and canon characters)
Make sure to send me references with your inquiries! It will only make the process easier on both you and me. If you don't have a reference image for a character that you want drawn, I will gladly take written references! Make sure that it is written out in a clear and concise manner. You will only get one free alteration from the main sketch.

It will generally take me a few days to a few weeks in order to complete a commission, depending on the complexity of the piece and my own availability. After I work out an initial sketch for you, you can ask about the commission progress once or twice a week. I will symbolize how far along a commission is to completion in the following way:

Star! | Star! | Star! | [Star!] | Star! 
PaymentSketchFlats | [Shading]Additional Tweaks
No Star = Incomplete; Half Star = Pending; Star! = Completed

All commissions will be uploaded to DeviantArt (and Tumblr as well, if you give me the permission to). If I don't feel comfortable uploading it to either site, I can and will reject your commission proposal, sorry. You can skim through the galleries of thebigbadbasenji and SENsiferous for ideas of what I can and cannot [or do and do not] draw.

Base Prices

**Note: All listed commission prices are in USD.**

Lined Art: Art made with solid lines, flat colors, and transparent backgrounds

Jockey'd Sam by thebigbadbasenjiCharacter Redraw: Jaysen E. Timberwolf (Bust) by thebigbadbasenji

08: Quarter-Shot [head to shoulders]

I Love This Trashcan by thebigbadbasenji

12: Half-Shot [head to hip]

'Frostbeard' by thebigbadbasenjiMutant Kau by thebigbadbasenji

15: Full Shot [head to toe]

[COM] Lizardbreath Casting by thebigbadbasenji

+??: Props [ask about this]

Mitya by SENsiferous

+05: Dynamic Shading

Jade and Albite by thebigbadbasenji

+.5x: Each Add’l Character

Glookaplung by SENsiferous

+Varies: Variants, Props, Complex/Quadrupedal Characters

Watercolored Art: Art made with solid lines and colors painted via a watercolor brush

Very Finicky Acryl by thebigbadbasenjiMaster and Puff by thebigbadbasenji5 by thebigbadbasenji

10: Quarter-Shot [head to shoulders]

Flavia by thebigbadbasenjiAcryl Meets Felix by thebigbadbasenjiAiden Just Standing There by thebigbadbasenji

15: Half-Shot [head to hip]

Mitya by thebigbadbasenjiMatrona Cascara by thebigbadbasenjiMaster Enigma by thebigbadbasenji

20: Fullshot [head to toe]

Terentius and Cato by thebigbadbasenji

+05: A Transparent .PNG

Walls Fall Pg 06 by thebigbadbasenji

+.5x: Each Add’l Character

[OFF] Sen's Streaming Something Pokemon by thebigbadbasenji

+Varies: Props, Backgrounds, Complex/Quadrupedal Characters

Pay What You Want Paintings: Art made with colored [or absent] lines in a painterly style

Starts at: 15 USD; More Detail = Higher Price

Gem OC: Albite by thebigbadbasenjiSentaur by SENsiferousOnly the Nastiest by thebigbadbasenji

+05: Transparent .PNG

I Hate Everything About You by thebigbadbasenji'I Am the [Creator]' by thebigbadbasenji

+05: Add'l Character

Errand Board Splash Image by thebigbadbasenji

+05: Non-Minimalist Background

Unlisted Commission Types: Art made for blogs, or for those who need character references

Blog/RP Essentials: Icons and Banners for your in-character Tumblogs
08: Blog Icons
+02: Additional Character; max 4
12: Set of 4 RP icons
+03: Extra icon
++Icon Note: Icons are drawn at 2500x2500px and may be resized to any dimension you prefer.
16: Blog Banner
+02: Additional Character
++Banner Note: Banners may be sent with compressed dimensions [minimum width about 750 px wide].
24: **Blog Icon+Banner Combo**
+01: Additional Character per Icon/Banner

Character References: Custom turnaround reference sheets for original characters
20: Front and Back Reference [T or A pose; one view colored]
+05: Full Color overall
+05: One Outfit Layer
+05: Drawn Accessories
+05: Detail body part shots, small [heads, mouths, markings, etc]
+10: Detail body part shots, large [wings, tails, etc]
+Varies: Complex/Quadrupedal Characters, Flavor Text, Custom Backdrop Designs

Sen's Commissions [Open] by thebigbadbasenji
Click above (or here) for a summary of this journal!

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke
Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke Gifts - On Hold by SweetDuke
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Cryptic Chemists App by thebigbadbasenji
Cryptic Chemists App
[HUGE ART UPDATE! Added new app art and legitimate History art. Updated accessories/items/etc as well.]


:bulletred: Age adult
:bulletred: Species Dragalge, basic color

Mitya was born from a clutch of eggs that his father had carried around for x days. After his hatching, he ended up learning things from his majestic parent-figure, and within a week he left the colony for something better. While he was drifting in the currents of the sea, he came across the most peculiar Jynx, in which was sitting in the middle of the ocean with a very thin layer of air between her and the water. Mitya swam over to her and stared at the very odd display she was putting on, and she giggled. The two of them ended up becoming buddies, and Mitya ended up picking up on the language that she speaks, but since he's a very quiet fish he looked just as unusual as she did. During the moments that him and the Jynx were hanging around with each other, Mitya evolved into a creature just as majestic as his father was. He eventually came up onto land with the Jynx, and she ended up transferring a bit of her Telekinesis onto him so that he can freely float around upon land, but only if she holds up a hand and projects some of the energy his way. They ended up living together in a scientific center just off of Andalusst, and have been ever since.

:bulletpurple: Age adult
:bulletpurple: Species Jynx, basic color

Flavia was born in a Jynx colony a long ways out from Andalusst. What made her stand out from all of the other newborns is that she was hatched as a premature Jynx, not a Smoochum. Her mother didn't care, though, and took great care with her since she was very fragile for being born a Jynx. Flavia, as well as her other peers, were taught the skill of Telekinesis when they were of a certain age, and she had excelled in that class way quicker than her other classmates. She ended up learning how to bend the elements to her will using Telekinesis, although tougher elements were way harder to bend. This ability to morph the elements got Flavia nominated for being taught by the elemental master Ask, a wise Alakazam who lives in an underwater cave that is unaccessible to those who are not students (former or prior) of his.

The nomination was taken into account, and Flavia was Teleported to Ask's location. He saw much potential in her (especially since she can flawlessly bend the water close by him), so he took her in. This is what sparked her love for chemistry. Her ability to use her Telekinesis to concentrate objects in such a way made it easier for her to be taught, and so she soon learned everything basic there was to know about certain elements. She eventually learned to Teleport to her master on her own, and then she learned how to create an 'air bubble' for her to be able to breathe underwater. She ended up meeting Mitya soon after her self-discovery, and so she ended up telling him about the things that she learned, even though her language is unintelligible to anyone who isn't a Jynx or a heavy studier of their language.

After Ask taught her everything there is to know, she ended up leaving her colony and asked Mitya if he wanted to come with her. He nodded, and so she teleported them both to Andalusst, the bustling center of all things science. She ended up building a small science center just off of Andalusst, and after doing several services for the community she ended up having a huge selection of scientific books to read. From one of the books, she learned how to utilize the "Hidden Power". After living many years off of Andalusst, she ended up losing her ability to Teleport and therefore lost contact with the colony she left long ago.

[[Temp App]]






[3] [4] [5]



[Main] // [1] [2] [3] // [1] [2] [3]


>1 DIY Handbook

>1 FlyGoggles Template

>1 Template Accessory Voucher

>3 Merit

>4 Customization Vouchers

>6 Star Points

Transaction History:

>Obtained two template accessory vouchers

>Mission One completed [late]; +2 Star Points

>Obtained two customization vouchers

>Cashed in one template accessory voucher for a lab coat [Flavia]

>Errands 3, 4, and 5 completed; +3 Star Points

>General Task 1 completed; +1 Star Point

>Main Task completed; +1 Merit & +2 customization vouchers

>Researchers Task 2 completed; +1 Merit & DIY Handbook

>General Task 2 completed; obtained FlyGoggles Template

>Dungeon 1 completed; +1 Merit, +3 Star Points



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