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Summoning the Creatures Within by thebigbadbasenji
Summoning the Creatures Within
Even though I ripped off the same sigil that's used for megaevolution, they aren't megaevolving.
Kind of a concept image of sort for some wonky BS that I might do if I want to get back in the PokeAsk Community.
Nevertheless, new painting style get! Woohoo!
Completed in 4 hours.
2015 Summary of Art by thebigbadbasenji
2015 Summary of Art
   Jan | Feb | March
 Apr | May | June
July | Aug | Sept
Oct | Nov | Dec
Too much happened.
Moving houses [May];
Dropping university [July];
Leaving a group I admin'd [Aug];
Expecting a 2nd nephew [due Jan '16];
Anxiety, depression, the whole shebang.
All under one calendar year: 2015

I jinxed myself, hoping for a better year than '14.
I really want '16 to be what I wanted '15 to be some years ago.
My eyes are opening, and realizations have been made at the end.
I'm actually looking forward towards a few things next year.
Something special shall come for me in late February,
And a big reveal is planned for April.
Life Was Beautiful Then by thebigbadbasenji
Life Was Beautiful Then

I remember the time
I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again
Was originally going to be more finished but Photoshop literally would not let me.
Zooming in seriously would not work passed a certain percent amount.
I had to switch to 16 bit mode in order to make this "cut-up" version.
I couldn't zoom in, so the picture frame isn't 100% done.
Should have totally made the picture this instead.
Would have lightened the pic's mood a bit more.
Was going to add more faces to the photo,
But adding them made it look weird.

A Long Fallen Hero by thebigbadbasenji
A Long Fallen Hero
Some of you may be familiar with this factoid,
But for others, this would be new knowledge:
Circa 3 years ago, as an early Christmas present,
I got a hedgehog -- an albino one at that.
I wanted an albino hedgie for the longest,
Up until the day prior to obtaining him.
My mother had something in her hand that was my gift,
Hidden by a small hand towel covering it, top and bottom;
I instinctively poked it, which startled her and my sis both.
I finally opened it, and there he was: a tiny hedgehog.
At first I was going to name him Queblanc--
A bastardization of sorts: queso and blanc combined,
Because he made me think of queso blanco, the food.
I eventually went with Blaise because it meant lisping,
(He balled up every time a "sss" sound was made)
And the fact that it sounds like "blaze", as in fast.
Seriously, he ran really fast on his little legs.
Definitely got that from his father as well
(Named Sonic by my class, of 2012).
[He was named Stewart by c/o '11]
I remember that we had no clue what to do with him;
He wouldn't eat anything that we gave him to eat
(until immediately after he was offered cat food).
We eventually got him a legitimate cage,
Because the carrier he was carried in
Belonged to my former Vet class.
Needless to say, it felt as though he died because of me;
You can ask what was deemed as "Pepsiman Chat":
I was infuriated because I was stressed over school,
Only to find Blaise lying dead in his cage.
It's because I put my "needs" over his.
I shrugged at him not eating much,
Or running around in his cage.
I felt depressed during.
He died at 2 years old,
Last November,
(Or December).
Hedgehogs' lifespans are 4 years old,
(Though some sources say it is 7 years)
And what he possibly got was curable,
Because it is a common sickness.
It's been a year (give or take some days/weeks)
Since Blaise was laid to rest next to Baby
(My sister's hamster of a few years).
Unlike Baby, Blaise had no doc visits,
So I couldn't prepare for his death.
That is what kills me the most.
Nevertheless, if Blaise were a Pokemon,
He would be a shiny Cyndaquil, but
As a Ghost, he would be a Sableye.
I tried designing him earlier,
But the outcome was bad.
I'll make Blaise an original character in some fashion,
And probably have him cameo in one of my games.
I really cared about him, but he came to me late,
And for that, I am truly sorry for his loss.
Drawn in about a few hours in Photoshop.
Tumblr version is located here.
Transcend to An Alternate World by thebigbadbasenji
Transcend to An Alternate World
Gosh this was hard to draw to my liking (and it still doesn't reach that standard).
My hand was shakier than normal while I was doing the sketching and line-art.
Eh, at least the important subject looks nice.
I have loved and lost many, but animals is a whole different ball game.
After my second dog died and I found out late, I've been iffy about getting another.
Dogs are a species that feels more than just a "pet", which makes the pain even worse.
I can imagine the feeling of losing a beloved pet, having lost many before myself.
For UltimateSassMaster
Hi; it's been a while. I'm an avoidant fricker, aren't I?
I attempted, to the best of my ability, to draw said doge-turned-OC-and-AU,
Alongside a pet that I ended up losing around a year ago (which really devastated me at the time).
I really didn't do him justice, though (but it makes sense, since I haven't drawn this version of him).
I'm really bad at sympathizing for some reason.
I've tried writing this out in my head for hours, to no avail.
I'll blame it on the lack of sleep, I guess.
I'll go before I ruin it even further.


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